Kavanagh & Holohan are bringing Martial Arts to Tallaght!


So here's some huge news!
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IRELAND’S MMA FIGHTERS have always been aiming to follow the path to the top.
The problem was that — up until a couple of years ago — they didn’t know where to find it. However, with eight Irish fighters now competing in the UFC, that’s no longer an obstacle. The cream of the Irish MMA crop have found their way to the summit and they’re beginning to turn their attentions towards showing the rest how to get there too.

It took a long time for Ireland to put itself on the map in mixed martial arts, but this country is now becoming a major player in the sport — led by Conor McGregor, a man who could be a UFC world champion in July, and his team, Straight Blast Gym (SBG).

Half of Ireland’s UFC representatives are SBG fighters, and the gym — based on the Naas Road — is about to be joined by a second state-of-the-art location in the heart of Tallaght, the home of SBG’s UFC flyweight Paddy Holohan....


Project Alpha - How to eat and train like a Boss

Hello all! I'm Paul Keely from the Irish Strength Institute and I'm going to be taking over this town, and of course by town I mean the ISI facility in SBG Concorde! We're putting together a program called 'Project Alpha' to help transform your fitness, nutrition and confidence in just 8 weeks. But trust me, it won't be what you think. Check out my video below to find out more from me and my video-bombing daughter!

If you're interested I'll be holding two talks about the course at SBG  Concorde. These talks are for the general public, not for fitness professionals, and there's no need to register so just rock on up. Hope to see you there.

Wednesday 11th March - 6.30pm
Saturday 14th Match - 1.30pm

National Pyjama Day for Irish Autism Action

On Friday 6th March 2015 over 50,000 children and 1500 early childhood educators will get sponsorship to wear their PJs into preschools & crèches in aid of Irish Autism Action.

As big supporters of Irish Autism Action here at SBG, we're getting in on the act and we'll be doing the same! All money raised on the day will go towards:

  • Developing an awareness raising campaign for Irish Autism Action
  • Developing training specifically tailored to meet the needs of the ECCE sector.
  • Evaluate the Step A Head Pilot Programme.

If you'd like to sponsor a PJ wearer you can do so at the Main desk in SBG Concorde. For more information on National Pyjama Day, you can find it HERE.

SBG's Aisling Daly & Paddy Holohan on The Saturday Night Show!

This Saturday the 21st of February, Ais 'The Bash' Daly and Paddy Holohan are appearing on 'The Saturday Night Show' with Brendan O'Connor. The show starts at 9.35pm on RTÉ 1, make sure not to miss it!


SBG Movement Workshop - February 14th


On February 14th we will be hosting a movement workshop at SBG Concorde. You will hear top fighters like Conor McGregor talk about the need to master your own body and be in complete control of it during the chaos that is combat sports. 

"Movement is your foundation. The more I coach the more I understand this to be as, if not more, important than individual martial arts techniques. Take a movement master like Ido Portal and with minimum training he's going to be far superior to most martial artists training their whole life". - John Kavanagh

Attending will also be Physiotherapist Tobias Ammitzbøll, who specialises in Movement and Pain Management, alonsgide a career as a martial artist. Visiting us from Denmark, Tobias will be conducting a special workshop on controlling your body. 

Movement training for fighters will take inspiration from the likes of Ido Portal and RootlesRoot. The workshop will focus on:

  • Locomotion patterns: Across-the-floor movements that (re-)connects the individual with the ground. Develops a much more movement functional pressing strength in the upper body, as well as efficient lower body mobility (mobility as in flexibility PLUS strength!). 
  • Mobility: Creating strength where there is flexibility, and flexibility where there is strength. We will work drills that strengthen the joints, going out of the perfect alignment, with the goal of bulletproofing the body in some of the most injury-prone positions
  • Partner drills: We will work reaction, speed and movement communication with specific partner drills.
  • Straight Arm Scapular Strength and Handstands: Most are working their Bent Arm Strength, but overlook the root of their arm: the shoulder blade. Strength and muscular control of the subscapular muscles, the rotatorcuff and the entire shoulder girdle are crucial for pre- and rehabbing the shoulder joint, punching power and adds to the overall arm strength tremendously. We will work towards the handstand to truly challenge the implementation of the drills, and to work the specific breathing pattern and mental aspect of this skill as well. Plus you'll have a neat post-victory celebration/partytrick to work towards!

Non SBG Members - €50
SBG ATG Members - €20
SBG Members - €10

Fees payable on the day to Joey Breslin at the reception desk.

All fees collected used to fund SBG BJJ Competition team travel expenses

New to la Guillotine, Stript Snacks!


"I found beef jerky when I lived in Canada and found it so handy to eat on the go and before training .When I got back to Ireland I didn’t find a brand as nice and as low in sugar until I found stript ,Huge boost for when cutting weight and something to be able to snack on while not cheating I take all the help needed when trying to be the biggest smallest man on the planet" - Paddy Holohan (SBG Fighter, Tea Enthusiast)