Meet the Fighters

"The Notorious" Conor McGregor

Conor "Notorious" McGregor is an Irish mixed martial artist. He is the current UFC Featherweight Champion. McGregor is also the former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion and Lightweight Champion, an achievement which made him the first professional Irish fighter to hold titles in two separate divisions.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, McGregor began training from a young age, going on to become a National Champion in boxing. His style incorporates aspects from capoeira, karate and taekwondo, mixed with his boxing and muay thai.


Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson

Gunnar Nelson is an Icelandic mixed martial artist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. Nelson is currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is a black belt in BJJ under the legendary Renzo Gracie.


Paddy "The Hooligan" Holohan

Paddy Holohan is one of the original members of the SBG Ireland team and remains a Jiu-Jistu coach at our gym. He is a regular fighter in the UFC and has his eyes set on the flyweight title. When not training or fighting Paddy is an avid tea enthusiast.


Ais 'The Bash' Daly

Aisling Daly began training in Karate at 10 years old and after some years training she began experimenting in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and received her Blue Belt from Matt Thorton in SBG in 2006.  Ais then turned her focus to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and began training in Thai Boxing. Having appeared on reality show 'The Ultimate Fighter', Aisling now competes in the UFC's Straw-weight division.



Peter 'The Showstopper' Queally

Peter started his career with Waterford Muay Thai under one of Irelands top striking coaches John Walsh, training alongside good friend Tony Keane and sporadically with UFC veteran Marcus Davis. In a quest to the top of his game he moved his training to Irelands elite gym SBG. After a 3-1 start to his professional career at lightweight which was stuttered by tough weight cuts and injuries; he made the decision to move to Welterweight. Peter now competes in the EFC Worldwide promotion in the 170 pound division.




Francisco Albano Barrio

Francisco is an Argentinean MMA fighter who grew up in Croatia, where since an early age he began training Greco-Roman Wrestling. At the age of 17 he returned to his native country (Argentina) and continued competing in Greco-Roman Wrestling in national and international tournaments as part of the Argentinean wrestling team. In that period he obtained 7 times the gold medal as Argentinean champion, once as South American champion and twice the silver medal in the Pan-American championship. He was one fight shy to qualify to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

On July 2012 he shifted his interest to Mixed Martial Arts, and now has a professional record of 5-1.
Due to the lack of high level sparing partners for MMA training in Argentina and Croatia, he contacted with coach John Kavanagh and moved to Ireland to train and become a part of the SBG team.


Kiefer Crosbie

Kiefer has been studying & Competing in Martial Arts since he was a Kid. Starting with more Traditional Martial Arts Such as Kickboxing & Karate he developed a big interested in the striking department. Kiefer has won numerous National Irish Championships in Kickboxing and medaled in the 2009 WKC World Kickboxing Championships Representing Team Ireland.

Now Training & Competing Full-time in Mixed Martial Arts in SBG under John Kavanagh, Kiefer is a big threat to anyone he faces and has a Big future in the the sport of MMA.
Kiefer also coach's some striking classes in SBG Concorde.