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Hi all,  we were recently sent some questions earlier from about our Growing Gorillas kids program and our very own gym manager Ann Mulligan was happy to answer. We thought we should share.

Q.1 MMA has exploded in Ireland recently, with popular UFC fighters now in the media every day. Kids are also now joining clubs, what would you say to parents if there child has expressed an interest? What should they know (introduction etc, can anyone join?)  

Here at SBG Naas Road we are very proud indeed to have four UFC fighters in our Pro Team!  What I would say to any parent is get your child involved in sport, doesn't matter what the sport is.  We need to encourage activity in our kids.  Our gym caters for all from 4 years up with any background.

Q.2 Some parents might feel unsure about their children learning 'cage fighting' skills, and may worry about 'bouts' between students, what would you tell them? 

We teach Mixed Martial Arts; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo as well as Strength and Conditioning.  As for sparring with our students; this is not something a novice would be allowed do in our classes unless the Foundation Program has been covered. After that we insist on mouth guard, head guard etc, and our classes are strictly supervised.

Q.3 is there any safety issues parents should be advised about? Is there serious risk of injury? (is there much contact, is there safety gear etc?)

Risk of injury is present in many sports; the highest risk groups being equestrian and rugby.  In our sport every care is taken from our young kids right up to our adults.  Gum shields must be worn and when sparring, and at a later stage we insist on head gear and all our coaching staff are aware of safe training guidelines which we consistently update. Our gym was the first Irish gym to be part of Safe MMA (SBG fighter Aisling Daly is also a spokesperson for them).

Q.4 How much training is involved? (we know this is very general but just in terms of how many times will mummy and daddy have to drop them to club per week etc) 

As a beginner "Explorer" to our youth membership children will train twice a week. 

To sum up; In our Growing Gorillas Program we focus on martial arts but we also teach Life Skills each month and this month for example we are working on "Friendship" - this is a story which is read and discussed with the group, they then have a written work sheet to hand in before month end to be awarded their Chevron of achievement which is proudly stitched onto their uniform! 

For more information about kids programs about SBG, please contact [email protected] or call 087-676 8911/ 01 460 4845 during our opening hours.