Coach John earns 3rd Stripe as Black Belt

Everyone at SBG would like to congratulate our very own Coach John Kavanagh for recently earning his 3rd Stripe Black Belt under SBG founder Matt Thornton, who had these words to say on his Facebook Page.

"One of the best indications of a healthy lineage is that each generation becomes better than the one before.

John Kavanagh is proof of that.

Having cornered more than a thousand fights, and then applying a thoughtful intelligence to that wealth of experience, John has reached the highest levels a coach can reach.

All of us within SBG are so proud of his success, and the success of his team.

As a coach it was an honor and a privilege this weekend to award John his 3rd stripe as a black belt. He understand Jiu-Jitsu on a level well beyond where I've gone, and our young students who follow, will take it even further.


Matt Thornton, SBG Founder