SBG Ireland's Highlights of 2016


"It has been one hell of a year for SBG Ireland. The gym which started in a damp garage with barely enough room to execute a takedown, has graduated into one of the most respected fight camps on the planet. Its patriarch, John Kavanagh, is now one of the most respected coaches and fight strategists in the sport and, hell, he’s even a best-selling author now.

Not so long ago it seemed almost impossible that the level of incredible success that Kavanagh’s fight team experienced this year could happen but now SBG Ireland has one of the most high-tech facilities in the world and guides the fight careers of numerous high level professionals and amateurs.

With new SBG facilities opening up regularly throughout Ireland, it seems that there’s going to be even more to come in 2017 but what follows are a few highlights from another incredibly successful year inside SBG Ireland."

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