Growing Gorillas 

At SBG, we welcome children from 4 years to 17 to our range of Mixed Martial Arts and our award winning Life Skills Program. For your childs safety, our childrens programs are split into four age categories; 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 10-12yrs & teenagers will train together. All classes run Monday to Friday, 3.45 to 6.30pm based on the age of your child. Coached by Owen Roddy - BJJ Brown Belt and MMA Coach to our Pro Adult team here including the Notorious Conor McGregor!! 

We also now offer the intensive 'Submission Samurai' class coached by none other than top SBG coach Richie Smullen.

Over the past few years our Growing Gorillas Program has grown so much that we have had to increase the days on which we hold classes. Secure your child's place by contacting our membership co-ordinator Orlagh Hunter at [email protected], by phone at 087-676 8911/ 01 460 4845 or by completing the contact form below.

Parents or guardians of the Growing Gorillas program can join us on our kids Facebook group for news and updates. (All facebook group requests to join this page will be vetted by a member of SBG staff and accepted as soon as possible.)

For more information please feel free to drop us a line using the contact form below.

Please note that contact form below is for SBG Concorde Naas road ONLY. For information on how to contact our affiliate gyms please see our Affiliates Page.

Growing Gorillas Code of Conduct

SBG can be a great place for young students to benefit from personal development and enjoyment of Sport. As part of this participation, members must remember it is their responsibility to treat others with fairness and respect. At SBG there is a signup procedure whereby our young members and their parents will agree to a Code of Conduct, as well as to other policies within our gym or national governing bodies where applicable. Please take the time using the links below to read our Student & Parent Codes of conduct, as well as our disciplinary procedures.

Please click the relevant photo below for a PDF version of our codes of conduct.


Junior members are not permitted at the back of the gym. Classes for Spider Monkeys, Chimps and Gorillas will ALL be held on the front mats, as will classes for our Teens / Silverbacks. Teens may still come in half an hour before class and use MMA mats at the back of the gym but NO entry to boxing ring or cage as this is unsupervised sparring which is NOT permitted. And yes, the boys can go past boxing ring to use bathrooms!