How SBG is helping change the lives of fighters and students alike.

I have been involved in Mixed Martial Arts at professional level since 2003 as a fighter in the UK, America and Japan and also as a commentator in Europe, Japan, America and Russia. I first trained with John Kavanagh in 2004 and have trained with him a number of times since and also commentated on his team’s fights. John has one of the most effective styles of jiu jitsu I have seen or experienced for Mixed Martial Arts. Not only can he apply it himself but he has style of teaching that means fighters and Martial Artists of all levels can walk away from his seminars with instantly improved games. I would highly recommend him as a coach and look forward to the opportunity to train with him again.
— Ian Butlin, MMA Consultancy Ltd
Having been interested and around MMA for quite a few years I eventually decided to give training a go back in 2009. I initially tried out a different gym in Dublin but didn’t feel that their training structure was what I wanted and knew I had to find somewhere else if I was to take my training serious. My good pal Rodney Moore (IMMA) told me to go to John Kavanagh at SBG, that at SBG I would receive the highest standards of training, learning how to interpret best taught techniques and that I would be trained by some of the best coaches around in MMA, BJJ and the different aspects of training involved. Upon my introduction at SBG I immediately knew the club had the exact setup that I wanted to get myself more actively involved in training the various forms of Mixed Martial Arts and I joined SBG then and there. Upon becoming a member over 1 year ago, I immediately felt a warm sense of belonging from the friendly atmosphere that exists at SBG and could see the level of skill and talent amongst other members of the gym who are only too happy to offer their encouragement and help when training. I quickly got myself involved in the various aspects of training, learning the core fundamentals and worked hard at trying to improve my fitness levels and conditioning to enhance my training. I now hope to move forward working hard on the various fundamentals being taught, improving upon them, once again getting more involved and maybe even one day compete.
— Carla McCambridge, SBG Student
I’ve only been in SBG about 3 months now and I’ve loved every minute of it. My first class was Johns SBG Intro class; I went down with two friends of mine. I was really nervous at first but Johns a great coach and explains everything you need to know. I’d recommend SBG to anyone interested in MMA or general fitness.
— James Kernan-Whiteman, SBG Student
Since joining SBG over a year ago, my fitness has improved so much. The coaching and students create an atmosphere that actually make you want to come back and learn more, at the beginning my fitness wasn’t great but since then I have learned so much about how to train in a healthy way, the advice from my coach (John Kavanagh) is always there whenever I need it, whether it be what classes should I do to better my striking skills or just for tips on a better diet, everybody at SBG is there to learn and evolve in there own way. It’s a great place if you just want to get fit with a great group of people, and be coached by world class coaches, or if you want to compete, which is what I want to do. I joined over a year ago and I’m in the finals of the MMA league, win or lose I think that’s a big achievement, and I don’t think that would have been possible with out SBG
— John Marrey, SBG Student
I started training with SBGi when I was 18 years old, and when I was 19 I travelled to Dublin and trained there under John Kavanagh. I always saw John as a normal guy with mysterious abilities to move. John taught me the basic ways of moving and being around him helped me grow.

With time I learned and was moving like him but that’s the thing, I never was moving just like him and he never wanted me to do things just like him or anyone else, he wanted me to do things like me. And that the kind of Coach John is, one who teaches you to create.
— Gunnar Nelson, UFC Fighter
I’ve been into fitness for about 8 years and was starting to get bored with working out at the gym. I’ve always wanted to try martial arts but didn’t feel comfortable starting at beginner level. I started doing a couple of women’s UFF classes at SBG and loved them and wasn’t long before I wanted to try out all the classes. I’m now training about 5/6 times a week doing boxing, thai boxing and jiu jitsu and UFF classes. There’s a super crowd training at SBG along with a great atmosphere. My fitness level has really improved and I’ve learned more skills training for just a few months then I have training for years at the gym. The classes are highly addictive!!!!
— Michelle Jones, SBG Student
Cathal Pendred

Cathal Pendred

SBG provides the perfect environment for people of all levels to learn and develop at their own pace. What stands out at SBG is the top class coaching which is provided for in all areas of martial arts and fitness. This stems from the direction of John Kavanagh, the head coach of SBG. John is the best coach I have ever trained under (not just in terms of MMA but in all areas of sport). His hands on approach and attention to detail allow all his students to bring out their best, from the complete beginner to professional competitors.
— Cathal Pendred, UFC Fighter