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Víkingaþrek is a training system that incorporates strength training, martial arts and endurance training. The training system was originally developed as a strength and conditioning class for martial artists from the Mjölnir MMA gym in Iceland. It soon became clear that Víkingaþrek was not only useful for martial artists but for everyone.

Whether your goal is losing weight, burning fat or toning up, Víkingaþrek can get you the results you desire. We use kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, strikes and kicks on the pads and bags, tyres and ropes to get you to your goal. We always add new tools and exercises to keep challenging your body.

Classes are 40-50 minutes long. This is all it takes to get enough exercise, build stamina and strengthen and shape your body. Our aim is to help you to reach your goals safely by teaching you proper technique in a fun group environment.

Training with a group enables you to aim higher and give you that extra push you wouldn’t have gotten if you were training alone. We tailor towards you and will modify exercises for your level and when the time comes will increase the intensity so you can progress.

Víkingaþrek 101 (Vikingstrength) is a beginner’s course where you can learn the basics of the training system for Víkingaþrek. This course must be completed before entering your first full Víkingaþrek class.

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