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Covid-19 & Hygiene

We take Hygiene & Safety very seriously

SBG Ireland has ran a very strict cleaning & hygiene routine for years. We teamed up with Hyperion Hygiene back in 2016. They have consistently supported us in ensuring the gym meets the highest hygiene standard (Log 6 Kill).

We are planning on reopening the gym on the 20th of July. However, there are new rules that we need to follow, as we are limited to 100 people inside the gym at any one time. Below are some of the rules to help us protect everyone:

No Visitors will be allowed in the gym. We expect this to last until 2021.


Guests will not be able to train at the gym.


Memberships have been capped – no new members will be accepted until one member has cancelled. If you wish to sign up, please submit a contact form, and we will add you to the list to be contacted when spaces become available.


Please respect the new rules so that we can ensure the staff & our members are protected & we can begin to get back to normal.


The treatment Hyperion Hygiene provides ensures that all members & staff at the gym are protected from Covid-19, Staph, Ringworm and much more.

Please watch the video to find out more on how William Walker M.Sc Microbiologist at Hyperion Biotechnology certifies the safety of our gym.

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